Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Hemorrhoid Treatment

DDA is proud to offer treatment of hemorrhoids using the CRH O’Regan banding system.

The procedure is fast and painless. Too often, hemorrhoid sufferers spend endless time and money on home remedies, such as creams, suppositories, and warm baths, getting nothing but temporary relief. Home remedies can keep symptoms in check for a few hours at a time, but without a professional treatment, hemorrhoids can continue to get progressively worse.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

In some instances, the hemorrhoids will prolapse (come down through the anal canal), requiring the sufferer to push the tissue back in place, while in others the prolapsed tissue will reduce on its own.

If you notice a small amount of blood on toilet paper after a bowel movement, or see blood in your stool, you might be seeing the signs of hemorrhoids. This blood will typically be bright red in color.

An itchy feeling either on the rectum or in the interior of the rectum is one of the most common and irritating hemorrhoid symptoms. In addition to being bothersome, vigorous scratching of the afflicted area can lead to infections if the skin is broken.

Many hemorrhoids sufferers experience what can be described as an incomplete bowel movement, which means they feel like the movement is not fully completed. Attempting to have another bowel movement without success can make hemorrhoids worse due to increased straining. This is a frequent side effect of hemorrhoids, and can lead to further health issues.

Other Diagnoses

Some of these hemorrhoid symptoms can also be a sign of more serious gastrointestinal issues, such as colorectal cancer, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and others. That’s why it’s important to talk to a DDA physician about your symptoms and get an accurate diagnosis as early as possible.


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