Direct Access
(Fast Track)
Screening Colonoscopy

For Direct Access (Fast Track) Screening Colonoscopy, click here to complete your paperwork.  Scroll down for more options.

Skip the initial office visit with Direct Access
For your convenience, we offer Direct Access (Fast Track) Screening for Colon Cancer. Qualifying patients are able to bypass the initial office visit.  So you make just one visit to our center for your procedure.

Are you under 50?  Your insurance may not pay for your screening colonoscopy.  Please check with your insurance to
find out your eligibility.  Patients are responsible for all fees associated with their procedure.


Direct Access (Fast Track) Screening Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is the most important test to detect colon cancer at an early stage or to prevent it entirely, because colon cancer is 90% treatable when found early. Beginning at age 50, patients should have a screening colonoscopy. In response to a rise in colon cancer rates among younger people, the American Cancer Society now recommends that adults at average risk start screening for the disease beginning at age 45 rather than 50.  African-Americans have a greater risk and should begin screening starting at age 45.

To begin the Direct Access (Fast Track) Screening process, patients can:
Click here to fill out and submit paperwork online
Click here to email a request to be contacted by our staff
Click here to print the Direct Access (Fast Track) Screening Colonoscopy Packet. Return the completed packet to our office via fax, mail or in person.

Patients who qualify will be contacted to schedule their procedure within 10-14 days. Those who don’t qualify will require an initial office visit before their procedure.

Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions