Do you have bowel incontinence?

Bowel (or fecal) incontinence is a disorder that affects 20 million adults.  It is actually more common than asthma.  Because it’s uncomfortable discussing bowel habits and fecal soiling, most patients do not even bring it up with their doctors.  It can really limit a patient’s quality of life.

  • Do you have accidental loss or leakage of stool?
  • Are you sometimes unable to make it to the bathroom in time?
  • Are you nervous to leave home for fear of an accident?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and want more information about bowel control therapy, complete the following form and a member of our staff will contact you.

Traditional therapies for fecal incontinence involve anti-diarrheal medications and stool bulking agents like fiber that may make it less likely for a patient to have symptoms. In patients where these medications don’t work there were very few options before InterStim.

Research has shown that when the nerves that innervate the rectum (S3 nerves) are gently stimulated that symptoms of incontinence can be greatly reduced.  In a patient who is a good candidate, under local anesthesia, two extremely thin stimulation wires (right and left) are safely inserted in the patient’s tailbone with the goal of stimulating that S3 nerve. The patient then gets to “test-drive” the technology for one week, keeping a diary of symptoms both before and after the procedure to compare.  Patients whose symptoms improve dramatically, are referred to a local partnering Urology group who would implant a permanent device under the skin. In those who have marginal results, they also see the Urologist who can sometimes offer a longer trial of the technology.

DDA is the only GI practice in the state of Maryland that offers these evaluations. We have had very good success with patients so far.

If you or a loved one is experiencing bowel incontinence, please contact our office for more information. Interstim may be an option for you that can significantly improve your symptoms and quality of life!

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