Simponi Aria®

Simponi (golimumab) is a once-monthly self-injectable biologic treatment for adults with:

  • moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with the medicine methotrexate
  • active psoriatic arthritis, alone or with the medicine methotrexate
  • active ankylosing spondylitis

Methotrexate is used as directed.

Once you and your doctor are comfortable with the self-injection process, you will inject SIMPONI®under the skin, just once a month.

SIMPONI®  is used in adults with moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis (UC) when certain other UC medicines have not worked well enough or cannot be tolerated, or if it is necessary to continue taking steroid medicines:

  • to begin helping some of your symptoms
  • in people who respond to SIMPONI®, to get their UC under control (induce remission) and keep UC under control (sustain remission)
  • to begin to improve the way the lining of your large intestine looks to your doctor during colonoscopy

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